Services Overview

Vanco Fire Protection Ltd. offers a full range of services by ASTTBC certified technicians allowing for one point of contact for all your Fire and Life Safety needs. We provide 24-hour Emergency Service, inspection & testing, maintenance and repairs on all Fire & Life Safety equipment.

Our well stocked service vehicles are capable of handling most repairs during service call outs or annual inspections; consistently maintaining integrity in building life safety equipment, increasing efficiency and minimizing costs. A strong personal knowledge of a building is developed and maintained by cross training our technicians and having the same technician always servicing the building; saving time and imposition to the tenants. Our ASTTBC Registered Technicians allow you the peace of mind of having qualified and experienced people on the job.

Our office administration is proactive about reminding clients about annual fire and safety inspections, providing notices and on-site coordination of inspections when required. We are fully computerized and provide clients with detailed written reports from their annual inspections - not just the deficiencies.

Standards, Warranties and Guarantees

All annual inspections provided by Vanco Fire Protection Ltd. technicians are to the standards demanded of our professional organization – ASTTBC, as well as the National Standards as outlined by NFPA, the National & Regional Building & Fire Codes and the authority having jurisdiction. In addition we pride ourselves on surpassing this standard by performing our inspections and servicing in a such a manner that the inspection is harmonized with the normal operation of the building to minimize disruption. Vanco Fire Protection Ltd. warrants and guarantees that all services provided will be to the highest standard possible and comments and concerns regarding our services will be addressed immediately. Any deficiencies on the part of Vanco Fire Protection Ltd. will be rectified without additional cost to the client.

Our Services

Our services include the Annual and/or Monthly Inspections of :

  • Fire Alarm Panels & Systems including testing of insuite devices
  • Emergency Lighting
  • Fire Extinguishers & Hoses
  • Wet & Dry Sprinkler Systems
  • Compressors
  • Backflow Testing
  • Generators
  • Kitchen Systems
  • Diesel and Electric Fire Pumps
  • Hydrants

We also offer services for: