Hydrant Servicing and Flow Tests

When the fire department arrives to your building the first thing they do is connect to the closest fire hydrant. The supply of water for fire fighting is paramount for effective property protection and life saving. Our fire hydrant servicing meets or exceeds NFPA criteria by having our service technicians “factory trained” in hydrant servicing. This allows us to know what changes the manufacture has made to improve their hydrants so as we service your hydrant your equipment can be brought up to the latest standards in safety and performance.

Having a properly serviced hydrant is only one part of the equation; without a reliable water supply your Sprinkler systems and hose lines are useless. Vanco offers water flow analysis service. This service will determine what the hydrant can produce in water capacity calculated down to 20 PSI residual. Our water supply analysis does not just stop at hydrant performance. We have been testing the capacity of city mains for fire protection designs, water modeling verification and confirming protection when large civil projects have a portion of the grid out of service.

We have the knowledge to interrupt the data without blind faith in the numbers. After flowing hundreds of thousands of gallons of water you start to get a feel for how the systems are operating and our years of experience is used to make adjustments for a more accurate result.



We provide detailed documentation on the results of the water flow analysis.