Environmental Policy

Vanco Fire Protection Ltd. accepts responsibility for its impact on the environment and is committed to leading the industry in minimizing the impact of its activities on the environment. Vanco Fire Protection Ltd. will measure its impact on the environment and set targets for ongoing improvement.

Vanco Fire Protection Ltd. is committed to:

  • Meeting or exceeding environmental legislation, regulations, standards and codes of practice that pertain to our industry.
  • Responding openly to any lapse or failure in our environmental policy and practice.
  • Encouraging employees to increase their own knowledge and practice regarding environmental awareness and enlist their support in improving company performance.
  • Utilizing the “reduce, reuse, recycle” approach to waste products.
  • Minimizing the environmental waste in our daily work and wherever possible eliminate undesirable environmental effects.
  • Ensuring waste disposal is carried out in accordance with accepted guidelines
  • Minimizing toxic emissions through the selection and use of fleet vehicles
  • Minimizing the effect of waste water on the environment.
  • Working with other companies to maintain their ISO standards.
  • Conducting business with suppliers and contractors who have a commitment to the values and objectives contained in this environmental policy.

Vanco Fire Protection Ltd. has implemented the following practices:

  • Leading the way by providing de-chlorination of discharged water during fire pump flow and hydrant testing. Our fire pump and hydrant test equipment is all FM approved.
  • Ensuring that discharged sprinkler water is discharged to a sanitary drain as opposed to a storm drain to prevent sprinkler water from entering the environment without treatment.
  • Certified members of the BCWAA - Certified in cross connection control to further protect the environment and public.
  • Certified equipment which allows us to calibrate gauges in house to maintain the accuracy of our cross connection control equipment and fire pump flow meters.
  • In house servicing (6 Year Service & Hydro Static Testing of Dry Chemical & Pressure Water fire extinguishers) to promote the reuse of fire extinguishers rather than the industry norm of replacement.
  • Work in conjunction with local recyclers for the recycling of used batteries, cardboard packaging and metal from condemned fire extinguishers, bells etc.
  • Participate in the AlarmRecycle program for the www.tagsea.me replica watches recycling of used or expired smoke and carbon monoxide (CO) alarms.
  • No idling policy for company vehicles.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle


At Vanco our aim is to reduce waste and limit our impact on the environment.